Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards (PAES) I-VI

To respond to the challenge of Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA), sound agricultural engineering principles and practices are required in the planning, design, construction, operation and optimization of agricultural engineering technologies, systems and services.

The Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards (PAES) were established to ensure  great extent success of agricultural engineering projects in terms of technical performance.

You can download PAES I-IV by clicking the links below:

PAES I: Production Machinery file:

PAES 101: 2000 Agricultural Machinery-Technical Means of Ensuring Safety-General

PAES 102 : 2000 Agricultural Machinery-Operators Manual-Content and Presentation

PAES 103 2000 Agricultural Machinery-Method of Sampling

PAES 104 2000 Agricultural Machinery-Location and Method of Operation of Operator’s Control-Control of

Agricultural Tractors and Machinery





PAES VI: Good day Bayaws! Farm to Market Road implementation is now under Agricultural Engineer’s design and approval under PAES IV. For in depth information, you can download all documents by clicking these links for your reference.

1. PAES on FMR

2. Personnel

3. table of contents-FMR final

4. Cost Est. for FMR Concrete-New

5. Cost Est. For FMR-bituminous

6. Cost Est. for FMR-Concrete paving

7. Cost Est. for FMR-Earth Road

8. Cost Estimate For FMR-Gravel

9. FMR questionaire_edited

10. list of FMR figures and tables

11. PAES cover